I'm on a mission to create more makers.

I am a lifelong maker, entrepreneur, teacher, and public speaker. For the past fifteen years I have been on a mission to help people learn hands-on skills. Now I’m taking my 35+ years of maker experience and sharing it with the world.  Even after COVID-19 shut down the maker school I created, I still have the desire to empower people with these incredibly valuable skills. 

Makers are those who can create amazing things with their hands, using tools and raw materials. I believe we all have the genetics to be makers.  My goal is to save you time, save you money, and teach you valuable hands-on skills!

On this website, I will share with you my skills, my projects, what I’ve learned along the way, and my thoughts on the importance of making things. There is a beauty, a zen, when time spent learning and creating.  I want to show you how to achieve this state-of-mind and live a very rewarding maker life

Below are the categories you can search.  I will just started and will be adding a lot more content…


Here is where you can learn amazing hands-on skills and achieve master maker status. From hand tools to the latest in maker technology, presented with maker wisdom.


Projects that can make life, and making things, easier. Think of this as life-pro-tips for makers.


Lists of ideal tools & supplies that make life (and making things) easier. From tool kits, to books, to travel, and many more. 


A gallery of products I have designed,  made, or took part in creating. At least the ones I can reveal publicly.


From off-road vehicles, to motorcycles, to buildings, DIY RVs, robots, and more.  The how and why I did it. 

my services

Consulting & public speaking.  My expertise is in manufacturing, vocational education, maker motivation, and product design.