Ambo RV before conversion

From a retired ambulance to an overland RV.

In the summer of 2020, my brother calls me and asks if I’m interested in an ambulance.  He works for an ambulance company and they were retiring a pair of F350 4×4 Type 1 dually ambulances in amazing condition. He bought one and has been customizing it to his needs. Check out his beautiful build:  But I was not quite ready. So I told him I had to think about it and to consider my family’s current financial situation. 


I’ve always wanted an overland style motorhome. Nothing too big, but could still haul a trailer, be rugged, comfortable, and go just about anywhere. I looked a Sprinters, UNICATS, 4×4 vans, and many others.  They were ALL very expensive or very old.  It was in the middle of the pandemic, I didn’t have any money, and knew how involved a project like this would be. But over the span of a month, I dove deep into the whole ambo conversion world.  Studied all the websites, FB groups, Pinterest, and read all the forums. The more I read, the more this seemed like a perfect fit for my dream RV.  Then he told me how much they wanted and I was “sold”.  Even with the huge amount of miles on the odometer and the fears over the 6.4 Ford diesel reliability, I could not pass up the opportunity.


In this project blog, I will share every step I have taken, and will take, to complete my vision for an rugged, overland, 4×4 RV.  Not only detailed lists, but a lot of HOW-TO tutorials, and step-by-step instructions.  This will be in the form of videos, images, and blog posts. I will do my best to show you and assume you have never done anything like this before. I’ll keep my information as simple and as thorough as possible.  Not only will I be sharing the how-to skills and tools needed, I will also suggest the ideal parts, methods, and materials. But please note, when I share these Amazon or other links, that I might earn a small commision.  It will help me fund my goals here @GeneticMaker 


For this ambulance project, I’ll be leaving out the costs.  This is for three reasons; first is that I want to stay married. Second is because prices are constantly changing, and third, you may have access to these items already. In many instances, by looking up the item(s) I suggest, you’ll know if it’s within your budget. For example, if I suggest a certain product I used, I will also suggest more and/or less expensive option and there’s always the possibility you might have a better source yourself. 

There are dozens of camper / RV build blogs out there and this one is mine. The opinions are just that, my opinions. But they are base on 40+ years of manufacturing experience (aka, making things & breaking things), and still having all ten fingers!

The entire build process will be documented here and on my YouTube channel: 

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to follow my methods or suggestions, you are doing so at your own risk and your results may vary.